Three Ways to Sing Without Fear

It should be comforting to know  that we are designed by our Creator to make musical sounds. Singing and speaking are natural forms of expression.  The true source of these emotions and expression are from the heart.  I do not mean the organ in our chest that pumps the blood throughout our body.  I mean that place within our spiritual soul where love, hate, courage, faith, fear and all our life issues reside.  I suggest these three ways to keep them from making our knees shake or our voices waver when we sing or speak before an audience.


Number 1.  Say in your heart over and over before you sing and while you are singing, “I love to sing for you”.  Let that mantra silently repeat through every note and word that you sing or speak.


Number 2.  Scan the audience by looking directly over their heads when you sing or speak.  Be sure to scan the whole room


Number 3.  Take deep cleansing breaths before you sing and while you are singing relax and return your breath to core muscles.


Allow me to help you learn to connect to the inner courage and strength within you to help you sing, speak and live with confidence and courage.

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