The “Need To” Practice Vocal Exercises Before You Sing

* I compare the need to exercise the voice before singing to any other act that requires some degree of physical exertion.  The voice is a set of muscles and those muscles must be exercised, stretched and strengthened by the use of proper posture, breathing and phonation (the making of sound).  Most of the students that are beginners have trouble understanding the need for this on-going process.  To ignore the practice of good vocal exercising is putting one’s vocal health and longevity at risk.

* I use the “bubble” method as a basic warm-up tool.  I begin by having the student say the word “bubba”, as a Southerner/Texan would say it, then take the “uh” sound of “bubba” and close the lips and make a motorboat or motorcycle sound by buzzing  the lips and began singing or making the “bubble” sound moving up the scale at 1/2 step intervals, starting on the lowest note that the voice can accommodate and taking it to the highest pitch that one can produce without straining. (Going back to my earlier blog..this is what I mean by someone learning to sing from a book or a blog)  A student needs the objective, trained ear to guide them through the correct vocal exercises to prepare to sing and strengthen the voice.

* A consistent, daily and proper warm-up is the key to good vocal health and longevity.  It is the only way to build range and flexibility.

* The “bubble” is only one exercise tool that needs to be used to thoroughly warm up and prepare the vocalist to sing.  In future blogs I will discuss and explain other vocal exercises and alternates to ones that some people are not able to do.

* Keep coming back to see and hear exercises and vocal lessons in session.  COMING SOON!!

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