The Method


The Willie Norwood Vocal Method is a practical and holistic approach to the art of singing and vocal performance. The WNVM developed over years of study in the field, on the real professional stage and in studio with some of the music industry’s greatest producers and writers.


The Willie Norwood Method

Learn How To:

  • Increase your vocal range
  • Develop proper breathing and energization techniques
  • Overcome vocal fatigue and strain
  • How to solidify your ear and harmonizing abilities
  • Learn pitch control
  • To improve your vocal power and stamina
  • To close the gap between your head, middle and chest voice
  • Use professional studio recording skills
  • Basic sight reading
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Use “Hollywood” vocal tricks
  • Implement skills that make you successful at every audition
  • Use skills that make you successful at every performance
  • Understand that your voice is unique and different
  • Master and control your breath and singing muscles
  • Sing with Heart and Soul by making a real connection
  • Dynamic control
  • Articulate with amazing speed and agility
  • Unique vocal method that fits all genres of music
  • Confidence, poise and power
  • Properly warm up, conditioning and control your voice
  • Layer your vocals in the studio
  • Hear the “inside” of music
  • Your “money notes” and how to ad lib them into songs

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